Selected Publications

1. S Xu, TJ Yang, S Xu*, YN Gong*. (2023) Plasma membrane repair empowers the necrotic survivors as innate immune modulators. Seminars in Cell & Developmental Biology. (*Co-corresponding, lead contact, Y-N. Gong)

2. Hartnett EB, Zhou M, Gong YN*, Chen YC.* (2022) LANCE: a Label-Free Live Apoptotic and Necrotic Cell Explorer Using Convolutional Neural Network Image Analysis. Analytical Chemistry. (*Co-corresponding) 

3. Wang W, Wu S, Cen Z, Zhang, Y, Chen Y, Huang Y, Cillo AR, Prokopec J, Quarato G, Vignali DA, Stewart-Ornstein J, Li S, Lu L*, and Gong YN.* (2022) Mobilizing Phospholipids on Tumor Plasma Membrane Reveals Phosphatidylserine Externalization Blockade for Cancer Immunotherapy. Cell Reports. (*Co-corresponding, lead contact, Y-N. Gong)

4. Weihong Wang, and Yi-Nan Gong. (2022) MLKL Ubiquitylation: More Than a Makeover. Cell Death and Differentiation.


5. Weihong Wang, Joshua S. Prokopec, Yixin Zhang, Maria Sukhoplyasova, Himaly Shinglot, Man-Tzu Wang, Andreas Linkermann, Jacob Stewart-Ornstein*, and Yi-Nan Gong*. (2022) Sensing plasma membrane pore-formation induces chemokine production in survivors of regulated necrosis. Developmental Cell. (*Co-corresponding)


6. Gong YN*, Crowfard, JC, Heckmann BL, and Green DR*. (2018) To the edge of cell death and back. FEBS Journal. (co-Corresponding)


7. Gong YN, Guy C, Crowfard, J and Green DR. (2017) The biological events downstream of MLKL activation during necroptosis. Cell Cycle. 19, 1748-60 


8. Gong YN, Guy C, Olauson H, Becker JU, Yang M, Fitzgerald P, Linkermann A, Green DR. (2017) Components of the ESCRT-III machinery act downstream of MLKL to regulate necroptotic cell death and its consequence. Cell. 169, 286-300 


9. Ge J*, Gong YN*, Xu Y, Shao F. (2012) Preventing bacterial DNA release and absent in melanoma 2 inflammasome activation by a Legionella effector functioning in membrane trafficking. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci., 109, 6193-6398. (*Co-first author) 


10. Gong YN, Wang X, Wang J, Yang Z, Li S, Yang J, Liu L, Lei X, Shao F.(2010)Chemical probing reveals insights into the signaling mechanism of inflammasome activation. Cell Res., 20:1289- 305. 

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